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  • 22 May 2020
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I have been with Cricket since 2017 I am so glad I bought the protection plan I had to send my LG in so many times for glitches and malfunctioning the last time I had to send my phone in I was told it was the last time I could use the protection plan. I have had this phone for over a year I went to upgrade but could not afford the phone upgrade not the 25.00 free and any other hidden fee also buy a tempered glass screen protector and case. The phones I could afford were junk. I don't want an I phone or Samsung not an another LG. The Motarola I want 139.00 up grade price then the extra fees. When a new coustomers can get the phone for almost nothing I have 3 lines and pay over 100.00 a month. All this refer a friend stuff is not a good way of being told u could save 250 a year with refer a friend and automatic payments I do have automatic payments and people I know are happy with the servace they have. So Cricket you need to take care of your coustomers that have been with you for years. I have to use a phone that is cracked with a thin film holding screen shards in place this phone was crap to begin with and yes the tempered glass screen saver split ,cracked and came loose and yes I bought it in a cricket store and a cricket employee put it on my phone!

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Hello @DF! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. 

We appreciate your loyalty and we apologize for any frustrations. Cricket appreciates all of our customers which is why we offer upgrade discounts, monthly plan discounts, and a referral program that allows you to earn up to $250 per year in bill credits.

Please know that current customer offers must be taken advantage of when offered and have expiration dates like new customer offers. See the link below to stay up to date on any current customer offers:

Yes this is the samething u say to everyone you must be a BOT juess we are not very important to your company 250 a year for pestering people to join no Thank u it's just a hook YOU NEED to TREAT your COUSTOMERS That have been with you for years the phone I want u offer it for 19.99 for new coustomers but for me and others 139.00 plus fees that is not a deal that is not taking care of us it's bleeding us dry you BOT I bet I will see the exact same reply BOT
You are a BOT ..the phone I want 19.99 for new coustomers 139.00 for me to upgrade and plus fees the 250 a year incentive we are coustomers not your advertising or sales it a crap thing no one gets. So u gouge your current coustomers that have used your servace for years u use a BOT that spits out the same stupid reply and no one has a real conversation with any one in the company just a generic BOT relpy. You do not care about us you do not address our concerns or frustrations about up grade prices u only have a handful of phones that are decent the rest are junk
DF Extra, I totally agree with you. I have been with Cricket since AT&T bought it. Before that I was with AIO and they merged the two. In the last several years Cricket has been less 'customer retention conscious' and more focused on getting the new folks to join. Of course, most marketing is designed to gain new business. I underdstand it is necessary to keep a business growing to stay in business. However, when any company forgets about their established customers, they are on a direct path to failure. It will not matter how many new customers join. After a while of being unappreciated for their loyalty and conscientious regular payments, the existing customer base that creates the backbone and stability will leave for the other companies offering shinny new phones with intro prices. When Cricket wakes up to REALLY rewarding loyality & longevity in their current customers, they will grow bigger and stronger & anything offered by others will not even stand a chance in the face of long-term relationships.