• 26 April 2020
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How come a 15 plus years customer such as myself can't get a discounted price on an phone upgrade?  A new customer can come in and get a free phone but a customer who is here to stay and has proven their loyalty has to pay a couple of hundreds of dollars for the same phone.  What is wrong with this picture?  There is definitely something wrong with this.

3 replies


I joined the community to ask the same question... It sucks... Totally wanting to quit with this company just because of this…

My daughter went with US Cellular and recieved 5 brand new top of the line phones of her families choice at no charge... Think i am going to do the same.

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How is it that a loyal customer is not able to log in and find offers to upgrade phone device ? why is it that favoritism is given to prospective customers but nothing provided for loyal customers ?  My phone has seemingly gotten into safe mode and it will not turn off no matter what troubleshooting steps provided work.  I need to get a newer device and I log in and there’s nothing other than 0 cost when you bring your phone number over to initiate an account ? I have an account and have had my cricket account for some time now.. I need help and I need to know I’m valued. as does everyone in this thread with the same complaints.  This needs escalation big time !


You can upgrade your phone every 6 months at the upgrade price.  Also, if you do leave Cricket to another carrier and decide that you don’t like their service well then guess what, you can’t transfer your phone number back to Cricket for 6 months.  I learned this the hard way.