Verizon sim to cricket device

  • 12 July 2018
  • 2 replies

I have a cricket phone i bought second hand and i have existing and active verizon wireless phone number and sim card and want to transfer over to the cricket basically i need to know what i would need to do accomplish this please?

2 replies

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In order to use our phone with another service the device would need to be unlocked and compatible with that provider. You can view our unlock policy here:

I Have A Phone That Is Through Cricket And Went And Bought The Straight Talk Starter Kit And It Has 3 Carriers They Are Compatible To With Verizon Being One Of Them And The Phone I'm Trying To Use Is Turned Off The Deal Is I Was On Someone Else's Account Therefore I Don't Have Access To Unlock The Network If It Is How Would I Go By That And I No Longer Have Communication With The Account Holder