VERY disrespected and upset customer! Along with a lost order/stolen order!

  • 23 March 2021
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My name is Darlene C. On March 13, 2021 I ordered a LG Stylo 6 to upgrade my phone. I paid 149.99 for the phone and a $25 upgrade fee +tax. Total $187.49. It was supposed to be delivered on March 15, because I was moving out of state on the 16th and made that clear in a chat when I ordered the phone online. Well, my phone never came on Monday. I got an email from ups while I was at the airport on my first layover, stating that my package would arrive that day between 2-4 pm. I immediately called cricket, and told them that my phone did not arrive the day before like it was supposed to be, and that I was at the airport at my first layover and I was no longer at the address. The cricket rep was very rude and acted like it was my fault, and told me I needed to call UPS myself and take care of it. I was on the phone 57 minutes with cricket. He gave me a phone number for UPS, and I tried calling right away and he had gave me the wrong phone number. I didn't arrive at my destination till late on the 16th, so I called cricket back on the 17th when I woke up. The first time I called and explained what was going on, we called UPS UPS together on a merged call. UPS said the package was left at the door at 4:52 pm on the 16th. And that I could not file a claim, because it was left at the door, and I needed to file a claim with cricket. The cricket rep heard everything the UPS rep said, and that the claim had to be filed with them, not UPS. So UPS hung up, and the cricket rep was supposed to filing a claim. I got hung up on, and assumed it was an accident and they'd call back...after 20 minutes and no call back I called cricket back, was on hold for another hour, then had to explain the whole thing again to a different rep. His name was Elder.once again I was told I needed to call UPS, and file a then I was pretty mad, because I already explained to him that the last cricket rep and I called UPS together and what happened with the call. So after going round and round for another 45 minutes trying to find a salutation, I told him that I was not in the wrong, they were and i was tired of arguing with them about the phone i never received and paid almost $200 for and that i would be calling a lawyer and switching my phone over to another company.  His tune changed and he tried to figure out if there was something else he could do. Finally after another hour,  I asked to speak to his supervisor, and that I was mad at him, I was mad at the situation and I wanted this problem resolved. Finally I talked to a supervisor. Once again I explained everything that happened and she was understanding and apologetic.  I given her my sister's address and to mine and my sister's understanding she was shipping out another phone and it would be at my sister's on friday the 19th. Friday came, no phone no ups. So I call cricket back, once again I get the run around for over an hour, talk to another supervisor, she was supposed to call me back we within the hour to let me know what was going on with the phone. I never got a call back.icalles cri cket 2 more times Friday and once saturday, saturday the super sorry I talked to said the claim wasnt even put in until the 19th, and I have to wait 5-7 business days to see what happens, mind you today is the 23rd. I called at 11am today to see if I could get any reasonable answers to what the hell is really going on. I couldn't understand the rep that was trying to talk to me, and she was rude and hell and told me I needed to quit calling and that when they made a decision on whether or not I'm getting my money back or the phone they will call me. But then I was livid!!!I told her wouldn't talk to her anymore and I wanted to talk to her supervisor. She came back on the line 15 minutes later and said that she found a supervisor and was gonna transfer the call threw. I said ok! The phone rang to whatever line she dialed for 26 minutes and no one ever picked up. There was no way for me to go a step back, so I had to hang up, cause it just kept ringing. I have not gotten another call back from cricket since they screwed up the last phone call again and it's been over an hour again. I am passed livid and upset. I want my money back and to change service providers. 

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Hi @DMC876 

We’re saddened to hear about your experience with your online order. We would love to investigate this and assist you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, and order number for further assistance.

And I meant,I told Elder that I was NOT mad at him but the situation!