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Does Cricket ever plan on providing HD/VOLTE voice calling for BYOD devices?  I am specifically talking Pixel 2?

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It's actually working for me on my pixel 2. I swapped my sim back and forth between the pixel and a Huawei elate several times in a few mins and I think the system got confused and left it on when I put it in my pixel 2 and it's been working 2 months now. But i am afraid to take it out now for fear it may stop working.

It seems there is a completely artificial limit on non-cricket models. I don't understand why its disabled for any phone; if the phone supports VoLTE it will use it, if not, there is no downside to it being active on the provider side.

Interestingly, now that I posted here, it has stopped working again after working since February. Now i gotta see if I can make it work again.