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  • 30 June 2019
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To whom it may concern. I have spent countless hours trying to understand why I cannot add hotspot on my Nokia 7.1. I have recently seen the answer on this forum from a cricket employee stating " the phone must have two apn's in order for usage to be tracked" okay I think well at least that's an answer. I would of appreciated that response with one of my multiple calls to cricket. However out of curiosity I go into my settings and low and behold my phone has two apn's. Please give the people what they want. Your selection of phones doesn't offer ANY of the popular mid-range devices ie: Moto g7, pixel 3a , Nokia 7.1 to mention a few. I do commend you for having the Nokia 3.1 and the g7 variant Supra I think it is but not the same. I have been a 4 line customer for almost 5 years. I have never received a discount on a phone mainly because I have never liked your offering. I've spent almost 7k with cricket is there anything that can be done that would allow me to pay for a service that I want.

1 reply

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Hello and thank you for your question.  We do offer existing customers discounts on some devices but not all.  If you log in to your online account you would see the discount you are available for.