What Bands does Cricket use

  • 11 May 2021
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My Moxee Hotspot from Cricket shows 3 and sometimes 4 Bars inside my house. Even with 3 or 4 bars the internet is slow and that is if the internet works at all. From noon to midnight it shows service but you can’t even open a webpage it times out. I want to buy me a signal booster to see if that helps but I need to know what Bands Cricket uses. Do they use different bands in different parts of the Country or do they use the same bands everywhere. Could someone please help me with this I can’t ask support because my internet is never working when they are open. All I have is there 100gb data plan and no phone with a plan. Also everytime I have ask for help here no one ever answer. I hope maybe this time someone would and could help me with this. I’ll wait 2 days and if there is no help then I know none is coming and Cricket support is just a name made of words to make Cricket blame the problem on others. Help! Help! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 replies

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I searched on Google for cricket wireless network bands and found this link. Hope that helps, but honestly if service is that poor in your area I would just try to look for another network that works better there. Cricket works really good in my area, but im sure there are many weak areas too like most networks.

thanks for the help, i can’t try another network AT&T and Cricket is all i can get till SkyLink then i will never have anything to do with cell company networks ever again.