Where is customer loyalty perk??

  • 18 July 2021
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Cricket seems no longer able to satisfy existing customers with loyalty perks. I can easily switch to another carrier and save lots of money. I've been a customer for over 7 years and cricket has made no effort to keep me happy. I'm seeing a lot of the same from reading different posts. Very unfortunate considering the above and beyond service I've experienced in previous years. 

3 replies


I wish every loyal customer would boycott Cricket!! They don't give a darn about their customers anymore, then you get 3rd rate customer service and MOST of the time, you can't understand the representatives that do answer the phone.


There isn't anything for loyal customers. I am switching today. I asked a perk after 3 yrs with 3 to 4 lines and was told pretty sorry. They dont really care. Lol. Wtf

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What kind of customer perks are you looking for? @Ghalley68 @plattjosh44 @Donkc_36 

What kind of perks are other prepaid carriers offering that Cricket doesnt?