why does Cricket LIE about 5G Service?

  • 31 January 2023
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Based on my current experience,  and the information I read in the community forum, Cricket LIED to all their customers.

We are told by Cricket that we can "bring our own device" that is vetted by Cricket to be 5g compatible. 

Yet as soon as we switch to Cricket and activate our 5g phone...we find out that our 5g compatible phone IS NOT 5G COMPATIBLE with Cricket.  We are then told that only Cricket phones can get 5g service.

Guess what?  This is considered FALSE ADVERTISING,  and has been illegal for years.  So how does Cricket, as well as all other wireless companies get away with illegal practices?


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Hi @Profklein !

For devices to work on our network, they need to be compatible with our HD Voice / VoLTE network. Please, know that because a device is compatible with our HD Voice network, it does not mean that it is compatible with 5G. Unfortunately, some BYOD models from other wireless providers may not have access to Cricket’s 5G service at this time. You can visit the link below to see a list of compatible phones and if they are 5G compatible via footnotes. 

BYOD Compatibility


Cricket did not lie. You can use other 5G enabled devices purchased outside of Cricket, on the Cricket Network. Those purchased with other carriers are built differently so they don't always function the way they would on the original network. That's why if you plan on moving from one carrier to another it's best to buy a factory unlocked phone rather than a phone with a specific carrier if you plan on moving around in the future.