Wi-Fi calling data ports

  • 29 August 2018
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What data ports need to be open at the firewall to pass traffic for Wi-Fi calling?

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Thank you for your response but the question was was not answered.  I need to know what TCP and UDP ports need to be open at the firewall in order to pass the traffic needed to make and receive calls over wifi.

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Hi jakedreynolds, 

Thank you for visiting & posting on our Cricket Community Forum! To use Wi-Fi Calling, you must have a Cricket Wi-Fi Calling-enabled device, and access to the Internet through your device's Wi-Fi connection. For more info, click here: https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/apps-and-services/wifi-calling/customer/wifi-calling.html

Hello. I had this same issue with WiFi calling. The best practice for this situation in a public zone is to hook up a wireless Router with UPNP. However if your like me and demand security on your network here is a list of ports I found that HAVE to be open.

If your not familiar with networking or routing network traffic it's A good idea to get a network professional who knows what they're doing. However this set up could be simple if you follow the instructions properly. Instructions may vary depending on the application firewall/VPN gateway that you are using..

I found at our local Walmart that McDonald's needed to open these ports is well.
-------- Instructions ---------
For this example I'm going to use Sonicwall.

1st thing you wanna do under your firewall settings under your service objects you want to add a new group label it Wi-Fi calling. Once you've added your service group go ahead and add individual Service ports under your the service group. Once you have all your service ports you will need to create a NAT policy.

Original Source: Any
Translated: WAN Primary IP
Destination: Original
Translated: Original
Original Service: **Wi-Fi Calling Group created earlier **
Translated Service: Original
Inbound Interface: X6 (for my setup dedicated WiFi router is connected to port 6)
Outbound Interface: X1 (For my setup port 1 is WAN a.k.a. Internet Port)

Here is a list of ports that will need to be placed under your WiFi Calling Service Group

The following ports do not have to be routed via NAT, however if you are having issues than forward them with your NAT Protocol

IMAP4: TCP 143
--- Required Ports ---
UDP 4500
TCP 5222
UDP 500
TCP 5223
UDP & TCP 5353
UDP 42636
TCP 444
UDP 53208

Those are the ports I've found. MMS doesn't work except when regular service is used. I'm still probing to find correct MMS media posts used.