Wi-fi calling through wired ethernet adapter?

  • 5 February 2022
  • 3 replies

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We have lousy cell reception at the house, only good by certain windows (rural Alaska).  I’m trying to use my ethernet-USB C adapter to get wi-fi calling through our wired home internet system. Dream 5 cricket phone. Cricket rep in our town said wi-fi setup should work, even though ours is wired. I’ve gone through the wi-fi setup and nothing is connecting. Any ideas?

3 replies


Hi, I am struggling with exactly the same issue for some time now, would appreciate also some tips if there is any way to set it up. I am also using an USB C adapter for wired internet connection and the WiFi calling doesn't work trough this media...It works perfectly fine when I switch to WiFi, so the connection through router seems to be OK. 

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I hope somebody can chime in here because I don’t have an answer. There must be tons of others who want to connect their phones via wired ethernet adapters in bad reception areas. This seems like such an easy solution but just needs this one glitch worked out.

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I was just informed by Cricket rep that ethernet adapter for wifi would not work. She didn’t say if it was just my phone, but by the sound of it, doesn’t work on any Cricket phone. So I’m switching to GCI.