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I have the LG Stylo 3...
I have been having Wi-Fi connection issues for the past 2 weeks now. Here is the issue...

I connect to my homes 2G - Wi-Fi then About 5 minutes later my phone disconnects from the Wi-Fi & disables it. Also, for some unknown reason I am no longer able to connect to my 5G - Wi-Fi. It doesn't even come up as a option anymore. I have called my internet provider to see if the issue was with them, everything is working on their end so it the issue has to be with cricket or the manufacturer. Ugh....

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Hey there. Welcome to the forum and thank you very much for your post! If your phone is under 1 year old with no damage you may qualify for a warranty exchange. You can view more information here: https://www.cricketwireless.com/content/aio/en/support/orders-and-activations/warranty/customer/warranty.html

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Hey there. Welcome to the forum and thank you very much for your post! If your phone is under 1 year old with no damage you may qualify for a warranty exchange. You can view more information here: https://www.cricketwireless.com/content/aio/en/support/orders-and-activations/warranty/customer/warranty.html

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Dawn Marie85, you're not alone. Ever since the software update on the Cool Pad Canvas I have, my phone does all types of crazy things and constantly being disconnected from wifi is one of the many issues. This is my second phone I've purchased in the last 6 1/2 months and both started having troubles after the automatic software update. I'm almost done with Cricket.
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I got the Samsung Halo phones for my kids and they all kept complaining that their WiFi keeps turning off and burning through their mobile data.  After doing some tests I think I found the culprit.

The MyCricket app comes with a Cricket Wifi Manager which is designed to turn the wifi on to save mobile data.  However I believe this app is causing the wifi driver to crash which turns off the wifi and reverts back to mobile data.

Once I disabled the Cricket WiFi Manager, their wifi has been stable and hasn't dropped yet.

To turn off the Cricket WiFi manager, you swipe down from the top,then tap and hold the WIFI icon.  This should put you into the WiFi Settings page.  On that page you should see the Cricket WiFi Manger.  Tap on the manager and turn it off.  Now reboot your phone.

Hope this helps.

I have a LGStylo 3. My husband has a different phone. My brother and his wife have a different phone. They are all relatively new from earlier this year. I call customer support because our wifi disables after five minutes of connecting. We literally have to reconnect every 5 minutes. And yet, Cricket can do nothing but give us free phones. How about you stop selling phones with issues?! Some of us have jobs, and families. We can just drive up to the Cricket store or usps whenever we want. How about YOU value your customer who has been with you for 5 plus years! Completely ridiculous. I am very dissatisfied with you Cricket. As soon as I am able i will leave.
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Tiffbragg93, did you follow my instructions above and disable the Cricket Wifi Manager?  Once I did that on all 6 of our phones the WIFI has been working perfectly.

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I found the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager doing the same thing to my connection.  I unchecked the checkbox that allowed the C. Wi-Fi Manager to manage my networks, and that stopped the Phone from constantly dropping my wifi.

With the latest update to their software, it seems that the manager has gotten a little too finicky about signal strength, and switches to LTE at the drop of a hat.

I upgraded 2months ago from LG stylus 2 to the 3 paid $149 plus upgrade fee. It will not stay connected to WiFi. I even sent my phone back and cricket sent me a new phone. Still having the same problem. Had a software update on 9/4 and it worked for a few days. Then another software update on 9/10 again it worked for a few days. I'm sick of not being qble to stay on my home wifi. Ive used my data because of this situation and now Im on slow data. I do not think I should have to purchase unlimited data just to use my phone at my home where I pay for wifi. Cricket this new software sucks and you need to fix this problem or give me unlimited data for what I have been paying for the last 2 years
Ive had this LG Stylus 3 for 2 months now when I upgraded. Ive never been able to stay connected to wifi since. Cricket replaced my phone last month but that didnt help. Ive had 2 software updates this month and when I do the update the wifi will stay connected here at my house for a few days. Ive used all my data cuz of this issue. This new software will not let me stay connected to my home wifi. Im not paying for unlimited data thru cricket when i pay for wifi at home. That's not fair. Crickey you need to fix this problem. Im very upset
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Caroline, just disable the WiFi Manager like I've been saying and your WiFi problem will go away.

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In settings, under wi-fi, in the list of available wi-fi networks, you will find "Cricket Wi-Fi Manager". Select it, and uncheck the checkbox.  Your wi-fi will stop being tinkered with by Cricket's over-aggressive "management".

Also, in MyCricket, if you hit the sprocket icon in the upper right corner, scroll down the resulting list, till you find "Cricket Wireless Management" under "Device Settings"  Disable it, and you're done.

Ok but this disables the manager and won't connect to Wifi at all. So how is this fixing my connection to my router?

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It should still connect to Wi-Fi just fine.  Mine does.  All the Cricket Manager does is steal the managagement from Android.

Question: Does the Wi-Fi list (where you disabled the Cricket wifi manager) still have the list of all the wifi spots in range, including yours?  If so, then just try restarting the phone, and connect to your wireless network by tapping on it in the list (if it hasn't connected automatically already) and seeing if it connects or takes you to the setup/password settings.  If it takes you to the settings page and asks for the wi-fi password, then just enter the password and it should connect from there.

I think that's where your losing the plaintiff looking for help. They use the Cricket WiFi Manager because they don't know how to setup and manage WiFi connections on their own. 

Some expert general background: Mobile Cellular Devices have 4 to 5 different antennas.

- Cellular, such as; CDMA, TDMA or GSM (and their many frequencies in MHz and data technologies as; EV-DO. Edge, LTE, 4G, 3G)

- WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a,b,g,n)

- Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1)

- NFC (Near-Field-Communication)


All five of these antennas can work independently of each other and consume lot's of battery power. If you have a tendency to ignore them and just let them rule over your phone unmanaged, you're just asking for a mess of trouble. The connected world of Internet providers, marketers and data-brokers will love these care-free, naive, unsuspecting consumers so be vigilant, its a 'digital wild west' out there.

Cheers - bikeamtn


I just removed the Cricket app and mine has been perfect ever since. It was getting very frustrating. 

I have same phone also. Mine keeps getting disconnected from wifi also.
I have tried that as well and mine still won't stay connected for more than 5 minutes. I'm glad it worked for your phones but it's not working for others.
Ive done that and im sure others have since that's the advice cricket gives. Doesn't work. Wi-Fi still disconnects every 5 minutes. I'm glad it worked for your phone's but it's not working for others.
I've done it and so have others since that's what cricket says to do and it still doesn't stay connected for more than 5 minutes. I'm glad it fixed your phone's but it's not working for other people's.
After multiple calls to cricket tech support and a trip to local retail store still issues😬 dropping Wi-Fi even when less than 2 feet my own from modem. This is an android issue across the board with cricket. My hubby has Verizon which I have no good comments about but his android isn't have g the issues so may sadly have to consider leaving cricket even though love them. With snow about to fly in Pa and poor signal where I live back to a land line phone at home this is rediculous and very I convenient expense we can not afford. When is this issue going to be resolved is the question? Cricket may end up with a mass exodus of customers that would really rather the issue be fixed so we can stay as loyal customers.

I have problems with all my phones, including htc.  My wifi manager is diabled, and it still will not work. Maybe we should take up a class-action since it is obviously a ploy to get you to use your data, and charge when you need more data

Got a Moto e5 Cruise through cricket. Just a few days ago my phone started losing connection from my wireless router. Never had the cricket wifi manager activated so can't disable it to fix my problem. Got a new modem and router from my wireless provider because I thought it was a ISP issue. Spent hours trying to troubleshoot my router getting super mad. The I noticed direct connection devices weren't having issues. So I checked my son's tablets and noticed no disconnection issues at all on his super cheap trash tablet. Now why on Earth does his 4 year old super slow tablet have no issues connecting yet my 3 month old cell phone can't stay connected for more than 20 seconds without losing the wireless signal completely. And from the looks of it I'm seeing it's a problem for tons of people on multiple devices with one thing in common... Cricket wireless is the carrier. So cricket doesn't allow their phones to use wifi now? Wish they would have told me that before signing up for the plan cause I'd have never paid them a dime and took my business elsewhere. Which I guess I'm going to have to do now.
When I turn off the Cricket WiFi, I don't get WiFi.
My phone won't connect to WiFi without enabling Cricket WiFi. If I disable it, no WiFi. And yes, I did restart the phone.
It is obvious that Cricket does not monitor this forum as this problem is a persistent one. Purchased my 2nd LG Stylo 3 on Jan. 15, 2019 and the next day it kept dropping wifi after 5 minutes. I have tried the Cricket wifi Manager unche k trick along having LG customer support walk me through there steps and it seems as rhough this is just a software issue and can be tied to the Cricket Wifi Manager. Cricket your software needa to be fixed. Keep the customers you have and don't force us to leave you because you ignore problems like this!
Wifi SOLVED!<br>Posted my issue last night on LG<br>Stylo 3 and figured it had to be a software issue involving Wifi Manager so I went to my last Software update and DELETED IT! Wifi has been running like a champ ever since. HEY CRICKET..I just told you how to fix this ongoing issue so get off your ass and fix this dammn problem. You have NO excuse now! Get on it!!