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I have the LG Stylo 3...
I have been having Wi-Fi connection issues for the past 2 weeks now. Here is the issue...

I connect to my homes 2G - Wi-Fi then About 5 minutes later my phone disconnects from the Wi-Fi & disables it. Also, for some unknown reason I am no longer able to connect to my 5G - Wi-Fi. It doesn't even come up as a option anymore. I have called my internet provider to see if the issue was with them, everything is working on their end so it the issue has to be with cricket or the manufacturer. Ugh....

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Hey there. Welcome to the forum and thank you very much for your post! If your phone is under 1 year old with no damage you may qualify for a warranty exchange. You can view more information here: https://www.cricketwireless.com/content/aio/en/support/orders-and-activations/warranty/customer/warranty.html

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Yes! This is a bunch of crap ! Not happy with Crickets signal! The past few weeks I’ve noticed it sucks over here, in Reno Nevada what is going on how is this going to be resolved? Used to be a very happy customer, now I’m extremely disappointed & concerned for the resolve & the-actual reasons ? Time for more Towers in Reno Nevada or what ? Please advise 😬

Oops. That should be tap the GEAR in the top right corner.  Silly autocorrect. 

Try turning it off in the mycricket app.  Tap the best in the top right corner then scroll down and tap device settings.  The wifi manager is a toggle switch.  Good luck.  Turning it off has kept my wifi on for almost an hour now.  Two hours ago I had to reconnect three times just to get into my bank app.

My checkbox in the Cricket wifi manager is greyed out and will not let me uncheck the box. What can I do to fix the problem?
My checkbox in the Cricket wifi manager is greyed out and will not let me uncheck the box. What can I do to fix the problem?
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As mentioned before, the best solution is to uninstall the Cricket Wifi Manager applications off your phone or disable them if you can't uninstall them.  This application is horrible and will cause issues like you are describing.

So on my Coolpad canvas I figured out go to settings Under Wireless & Network select MORE then select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering select Keep WiFi Hotspot on select always. Wether or not you still have the phone hopefully it will help someone else's issue.

I have the lg x charge and the wifi-manager has been off and it doesn't make any difference at all. started 2 updates ago and after the last auto update the wifi drops every few minutes..  Mark

was unable to uncheck the box..
I can see the icon there but it wasn't clickable so I couldn't uncheck the box...please help
I wasn't able to uncheck the box in my phone...please what can I do

i mean i can see the box but its not clickable in order to uncheck it
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If it's not a phone issue, it could be a Wi-Fi router issue as simple as the router needing an update. I would check on that . 

I was going out of my mind trying to figure out why i kept disconnecting. Disabled the wifi manager and so far so good.
Thank you, Robert! You are correct about this pesky Cricket wifi mgr! My LG Stylo 3 and my daughter's Galaxy Amp Prime are staying connected now! On a side note, simply unchecking the box wasn't effective on my phone. Took it one step further. I wasn't able to click the 'disable' button under: Settings -> Apps -> Cricket Wifi Mgr. (Which I think is what you are doing.) The 'Disable' button was there, but it wasn't highlighted/clickable. Instead I turned off the CWM (cricket wifi mgr) permissions on my phone and location. I also turned-off its access to change the system settings and turned off data usage in the background. I always turn off all background data usage for ALL apps on my phone individually but leave the necessary system apps alone.
Now I have a whole new annoyance. The amount of times CWM pops up on my phone to ask for the permission "Ok" back, is maddening. I never press ok for it to regain the permission, and it continues to pop up every 5 mins. It's almost as annoying as my wifi disabling itself BECAUSE of this darn CWM! ARGH!! Stupid preloaded software. The phone absolutely does not need this program for wifi to function perfectly. One day when I upgrade to another phone, disconnect the Cricket from this phone, and my kid uses this as an at-home wifi-only phone, she won't even need this stupid CWM app. It can't be uninstalled or disabled though.
I use to never have any issues with cricket service AT ALL, but when I purchased a “new” iPhone from them(which I’m pretty sure is actually refurbished), I not only got a defective phone, but my unlimited extra plan service and speed has slowed to 3g at best and my phone will always switch from strong WiFi connection at my home to LTE(which buffers for minutes) everytime I connect to safari or YouTube etc. it then takes forever and uses my ‘not so unlimited extra data’ up and causes my phone to essentially shut down. I have tried so many times with customer service and in the stores to have the phone they sold me switched out, but am told they will not do it bc it’s past 7 days. However, according to cricket there’s a 1yr warranty that automatically comes with the phone. It’s been under 1 year still, and there’s zero damage to the phone. I even purchased a case and screen protector when I purchased this phone. There is nothing anyone can do about any of it and I’m beyond frustrated and disappointed. I left Verizon after 13years for cricket and was extremely pleased until 8 or so months ago. The service and phone aren’t the only issues either. They have given my pin code to someone to add them on to my plan without me even being present and then allowed them access to my acct including billing info, and wouldn’t delete that line without this other person present. I had to separate myself from my old acct and create a new one, and I believe that changed my original plan somehow. This not only my personal phone but it is mainly used as my work phone, and I can’t do anything anymore and if I can, it’s extremely slow and won’t stay connected to my WiFi. It uses up my so called unlimited extra data I pay for which goes so quick due to work, at which point renders my phone practically useless. I’m getting ready to switch providers. That’s your vest option.
I called them and told them and they still tell me it's my phone 2 new phones factory reset like 10 times and they keep saying it's everything else lol bs
Disable Cricket Wi-Fi manager and all good but they will tell you it's your phone lol
Disable Cricket Wi-Fi manager and you will be good agin 8 months of this and new phones and like 10 factory resets and fixed it good luck and they are still telling me it's my phone lol
So I have had this problem for 8 months 2 new phones factory reset like 10 times lost a lot of stuff they blamed it on my enernet provider Samsung phones everyone but them lost a lot of stuff thinking it was a app or a virus ect... What are they going to do about this ? It was cricket Wi-Fi manager the whole time ? Fixed last night Wi-Fi great now there is post all over the internet people and buying new phones routers finding out how to get new os to try 8 months of hell how many people up graded to the unlimited data over this ? What are they going to do about it ?
What's up So I been having this issue for 8 months two new phones factory reset about 12 lost a lot of data pictures Etc thought it was a virus but no matter what I did it always came back come to find out it was quicklace wifimanager disable it and you will not have no more issues let everybody know just found out last night investigation myself this was a nightmare what are they going to do about it ? They're blaming the phones companies that make them in your home Wi-Fi network third one else's fault but there's

I bought a cool pad canvas phone from shop ko in Sept. 2018 and had issues with it constantly saying " is not responding" whether it was the internet, facebook, g mail ALL of it!!  Then in Jan had to get a diff phone cuz the battery DIED , like really??!! WORSE PHONE EVER !


How did you delete the last software update? My LG Stylo 3 Plus is constantly switching from wifi to mobile data when I am home.
Wifi SOLVED!<br>Posted my issue last night on LG<br>Stylo 3 and figured it had to be a software issue involving Wifi Manager so I went to my last Software update and DELETED IT! Wifi has been running like a champ ever since. HEY CRICKET..I just told you how to fix this ongoing issue so get off your ass and fix this dammn problem. You have NO excuse now! Get on it!!
It is obvious that Cricket does not monitor this forum as this problem is a persistent one. Purchased my 2nd LG Stylo 3 on Jan. 15, 2019 and the next day it kept dropping wifi after 5 minutes. I have tried the Cricket wifi Manager unche k trick along having LG customer support walk me through there steps and it seems as rhough this is just a software issue and can be tied to the Cricket Wifi Manager. Cricket your software needa to be fixed. Keep the customers you have and don't force us to leave you because you ignore problems like this!
My phone won't connect to WiFi without enabling Cricket WiFi. If I disable it, no WiFi. And yes, I did restart the phone.
When I turn off the Cricket WiFi, I don't get WiFi.