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  • 18 September 2019
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Does the 5gb plan include WiFi calling as well?

Best answer by Marlena_Cricket 19 September 2019, 22:03

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I thought all plans included wifi calling as long as the phone was a wifi capable phone?

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Also, wifi capable phone must have been purchased from Cricket. I could be wrong so hopefully a rep from Cricket will confirm.

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@Furryfan93 @johnrandolph All smartphone plans include Wi-Fi Calling. However, you must have one of our Wi-Fi capable devices in order for the feature to work on our network. For Wi-Fi Calling capable phones not purchased at Cricket, Wi-Fi Calling will not work on Android devices. It will work only work on iOS devices. For our complete list of eligible phones, click here:

I have an iphone 6s not purchased at Cricket Wireless and the wifi calling will not work. So far, when I walked into two Cricket Wireless stores locally, one told me it was because Cricket didn't support any Version 6 iphones and the other told me it was because it was not a phone bought at Cricket. I have ios 12 installed on it. Any ideas? 


Thanks! Lainie Strange

I know that this is a little late in answering but I found this thread because I had the same problem with my Iphone 6s. What worked for me was simply restarting the phone with the SIM card in. Before that every time that I tried to turn on Wi-Fi calling I would get a pop up window telling me to contact Cricket. I hope that this helps someone.

I had this same problem. Every time that I tried to enable wi-fi calling a pop up would appear telling me that I needed to contact Cricket to enable this device.  I have IOS12.4.3 installed. The solution was  to simply restart the phone with the SIM card installed. After that it worked well. I hope that this will help someone else.