Wifi Calling and Text Messages...what that means

  • 20 September 2020
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Cricket website says:  "You can communicate through calls and text messages over a Wi-Fi network using Wi-Fi Calling. You'll need a Wi-Fi Calling capable device and an active Wi-Fi network. If cellular coverage is weak or unavailable your device will route calls and texts via Wi-Fi. For example, when in poor coverage areas or when your device is in airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled."

Please someone who has experience with this wifi calling tell me what this means.  Is it just text messages or video/picture messages?  Is it both?

It just seems hit or miss on sending messages with pictures or even gifs.  Sometimes they send fine, and other times, they are  'undeliverable'.  We live in an area of poor Cricket coverage.  So wifi calling is valuable to us.  I have had Cricket support tell me directly that we cannot text over Wifi Calling.  I then proceeded to show them what their website says, and they say...please hold, we will look into it.

Text messages seem to go through fine.  Calling seems to go through fine.  Picture messages and video messages and even text messages with gifs seem to have problems.  But as mentioned sometimes they go through fine.  Problem is we don't know if its going through over wifi or network data.  We want to know if there is something wrong with our wifi calling or maybe even our APN data.

So please help us determine if picture/video/gif messages should work over wifi calling.

1 reply

Just to add to the original post.  When sending picture messages, it appears like it is sending and makes it to like 90 percent, then just dies and shows "not delivered".  Same thing with gif messages too.

Thanks for the help!!:):)