Wifi Calling Doesn't Turn On Easily

I live in an area where my cell coverage is little to none in my house.  I purchased 2 Moto e5 Supra phones and got wifi calling enabled on my account and setup e911.  After trying to get it to work for 3 days and over 5 hours of calls with support it still didn't work.  I brought the phones into a Cricket owned store and they tried for over 3 hours and finally got it to work.  It magically started working on both phones.  The thought was if you disable wifi calling shut the phone down then start it back up and then enable wifi calling.  BUT that still isn't working now.

There must be a software problem with this phone and it is REALLY frustrating.  Cricket phone support is quite incompetent, they tried telling me to contact Motorolla but the manufacturer said this particular feature is a software feature installed by Cricket and not by the manufacturer.  It is the typical hot potato pass the buck.  Now I'm past the 7 day return window.  What a nightmare.  Is there anyone competent at Cricket?

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Hello. We ask that you please contact us through our national Facebook or Twitter page and private message us so we can assist how we can with your Wi-Fi calling issue. We are more than happy to help out.

I'm having the same issue with the same phone.  I also bought the Moto E5 Supra for many reasons including the wifi calling, as I also have no cell coverage at my home.  It worked great till Sunday, literally 5 days, then stopped.  Now it won't start working again, which is very disappointing.  I still like the phone, but this is upsetting.  Any suggestions.

I'm having the same problem with the same phone for the same reason.  No cell coverage at home.  The Moto E5 Supra's wifi calling worked fine till Sunday, literally 5 days, and now won't work at all.  Very disappointing.  Any suggestions?

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Hey there! We ask that you also reach out to us on our national Facebook or Twitter page to allow us to assist with your Wi-Fi Calling.

Same issue with Moto e5 Supra.  Wi-fi calling worked, now it is totally intermittent after a few days.  Very frustrating as this feature was the single reason the phone was procured.  I have called for resolution but not yet come to a resolution.  Hopefully this will be fixed with a software adjustment.

I am considering the same phone for the exact same reason...  I work in an area with WiFi but no cell service.  DID ANYONE GET THIS ISSUE RESOLVED?  If so, what was the resolution?



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Hey there! Welcome to the Cricket community forum and thank you for your post. We ask that you please reach out to us on our national Facebook page (m.me/cricketnation) or on Twitter (@CricketSupport) and allow us to troubleshoot. Thanks again.

I GOT MY Mobile WiFi calling to work!!!!

After literally dozens of hours on the phone with level one and even supervisors telling me that WiFi calling doesn't work in areas where there is no or little coverage and refusing to create a ticket... I had to become verbally abusive and once again demand a ticket to be created.  After two attempts at a ticket, it finally got to a group called ATS, Advanced Technical Support where a non-latin American senior support person took my issue seriously.  He took several days, looking at my phone on the network side and then texted me to turn my phone off and back on.  After which, my phone now connects every time without issue for mobile WiFi calling.  He said it wasn't my phone specifically but an "issue" on their side.  I had to do the same for my wife's phone and hers (same phone model) is now also working.  We can now place and receive calls using our moto e5 Supra phones using the mobile wifi calling without incident.

However!!  Come to find out, my MMS and group chat isn't working through Mobile WiFi.  Support originally and erroneously told me that WiFi calling doesn't work if you have no mobile data connection.  Now that we got Mobile WiFi calling working they're now telling me that MMS will not work without a mobile data connection to the cell tower.

I'm so frustrated and angry.  There's nothing on the Mobile WiFi calling FAQ page that says that's a limitation.  Plus it isn't addressed in the terms of service legal verbiage.

I don't have Facebook and don't have twitter.  Why do I need to contact you through a social media platform to get help?  Why can't I just call your support number or chat or through this forum for help?  Given the response from others, I'm not the only customer who is experiencing the same issues to the moto e5 supras.  I spent hours researching this phone and the cricket wireless company and website.  I'm past the 7 day return policy and am highly dissatisfied as a customer.  Do you know how hard it is on my wife who uses text to communicate with family and know she's not receiving messages from her family and if we drive away from home, her text blows up with missed messages in line with the existing chats she's having?

1.  When a customer calls support and speaks to a supervisor, they should not be denied a ticket to be created like Sulaney the call center supervisor did to me.

2.  When more than once customer complains of the same thing, this should be taken seriously at a higher level.

3.  When customers call for support, they  should not receive lies... ie Mobile WiFi calling will NOT work without a mobile data connection which was told to me by more than 3 technicians and 2 supervisors who all refused to create a ticket.  Cricket needs to standardize responses to their customers to ensure customers are receiving proper information.

4.  IF MMS is not meant to work when the customer is not in cell tower range and not supposed to work through Mobile WiFi then Cricket needs to updated it on the WiFi limitations section of the https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/apps-and-services/wifi-calling/customer/common-questions.html  Every other GSM and CDMA provider has MMS working through the WiFi calling feature when not in a cell area.

The ONLY reason I went with Cricket was because they supported Mobile WiFi at a price I could afford.  I switched from T-Mobile which I loved the WiFi Calling feature (with MMS) but quite honestly AT&T networks have better coverage than T-Mobile.

Cricket Wireless, please take this thread seriously.

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First thing I’d do is check your software on both your phone and your Wi-Fi device (both need to be updated). Do you have this problem in certain places in your house or does it happen everywhere? This site has helpful info on boosting Wi-Fi signals and might help.   If you could answer my question, I could probably give you some help.

You need to enable ipsec passthrough. You can disable your firewall as well but enabling ipsec passthrough is much better.
You need to turn on ipsec passthrough... You can also just turn off your firewall.
Turn on your router ipsec passthrough...
Turn on your router ipsec passthrough
You need to turn on ipsec passthrough on your router... Or turn off your firewall. I couldn't find this anywhere so I figured it out.
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You have to talk to them using private message if they need confidential information to access your account. Its for your privacy and safety. 

I started having the same issue. I have found that if I disable the cricket wifi manager and restart my phone the wifi calling starts working again. Not sure if this will work for others. I have a cricket Moto e5 Supra.