Wifi calling won't activate

TLDR: Wifi calling won't activate, basic troubleshooting done, Cricket support useless. Please help!
(I know this is a duplicate post, but Cricket at it's finest wouldn't let me post it initially where it belonged without having something in the welcome board...ugh)
Hello, reaching out here as I'm at wit's end with Cricket and this Wi-Fi calling issue. Background, initially signed up for Cricket with an unlocked S6 about 4 years ago. By rule that phone couldn't get wifi calling because it wasn't Cricket branded. Fair enough. June 5, I upgraded my phone to a Cricket branded S10. Tried to set up wifi calling and can only get a green and blue loading circle for about five minutes, then "please try to set up wifi calling again later" is what pops up next. My device has had several updates, and each time it is always the same. I've tried in no less than 4 different places with a strong wifi signal but to no avail. Cricket "support" operators have either blamed the wifi providers, told me to call 911 to register my emergency address, or just disconnect the chat entirely. The advanced support like to call my phone that has no signal, or my alternative number at a time I don't have access to it. The one time I could have spoken to them when they did follow instructions they let it ring three times before hanging up. Going to a store ended up with the associates starting their own chat and doing this all over again. Has anyone had a similar issue and a fix that works? I'm pretty sure my IMEI needs to be provisioned, but trying to explain that to support is futile. I'm unfortunately stuck with Cricket since I payed $700 for a locked cricket phone and feel like I was scammed with this supposed feature.

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So..... has anyone actually solved the Cricket WiFi Phone problem ?

Every post I've seen describes the Cricket WiFi Phone problem but never offers any help in resolving it.

WiFi Phone worked fine with mine and the wife's  iPhone 7s using AT&T but will not activate using Cricket.  Since I have no phone service and WiFi is my only option for phone I am about to ditch Cricket.  A cheaper service is great but if it can NOT provide the basic minimum service, what good is it ? 

This is obviously a Cricket issue.