Wifi texting

  • 3 June 2018
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I just switched to Cricket.  Got a free Alcatel Verso.  

I live where there is No Cell Service.  I do have DSL and Wifi.

I need to be able to text via wifi.   I used to be able to do it on my Droid mini, with verizon.  That phone broke, and they dont make them anymore.  (I really liked it too)

I dont want some "chat" "phone number".   

Any Ideas?


3 replies

I would also like to see Cricket roll out WiFi calling/texting to BYOD.  I have great Cricket service everywhere but my house.  

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Yes I agree I have been saying the same thing they could get a lot more business but I doubt it will ever happen 

Cricket Wireless is only offering Mobile WiFI to plans using certain Cricket phones.


If your phone is not a Cricket branded phone from this list then you will not be able to use WiFi calling or texting with your Cricket phone number.