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$3.00 to pay my bill??

Upon paying my bill this morning, I was informed that Cricket is now charging a $3 fee for over-the-phone payments. I hung up. Imagine, being charged a FEE for paying your bill! Seems that the only way to avoid the fee is to pay over the internet by computer, or by using the myCricket app, which hasn't worked on my phone for over a year(I still use a Samsung Galaxy S4). You know, since AT&T took over, everything has slowly gone downhill. First, they took away Mobile Hotspot, unless you paid extra. One little feature after another became "optional at extra cost". Now this. Part of the reason I took Cricket long before the merger was the convenience of paying the monthly bill. Now, they are charging me extra for that convenience. I have a store 3 blocks away, and they are losing my foot traffic(which might give me a reason to purchase a new phone)because they started charging for in-person payments at stores. I find it especially funny that they call it a "convenience fee". I guess I'm wondering for whose "convenience" it is.........

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Re: $3.00 to pay my bill??

Hello @mbstartechster

The $3 convenience fee is charged when you pay your bill over the phone or in a Cricket store. You can avoid the fee by paying online, via the MyCricket app, or using Auto Pay. If you're unable to access the MyCricket app from your phone you can always use your phone's browser to navigate to and login. 


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