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Account Deactivation without notice!

This morning I had the pleasure of waking up to a deactivated account, which is even better since I just moved and have no land lines and no available internet at this point (but that is an issue that I have with another company *cough* Centurylink * Cough* even though the previous owners had service...).

Yesterday I activated the hotspot feature and the app did so telling me "no payment due" and only allowed selection of activation "today" (the 13th), and didn't allow me to select next billing cycle (which was starting the 14th.  I figured it was all good, since the app allowed me to activate and didn't require payment that it was going to be handled through the autopay billing which I have never had any issues with. But as previously stated, we woke up to no service and never received any notification of payment due or notice of deactivation, and had no choice but to pay $10 to reactivate service...  I have never been more upset about $10 since I was 5 years old! Terms like fraud and extortion come to mind...  

Long story short, I finally calmed down a little, but there is a "bug" in the cricket system that is a loophole for them and a pot hole for customers.  Customer service "had no ability" reactivate without paying the $10 (which I had to go back into the app that customer service recommended not using because it allows things to be processed that apparently shouldn't be.)  The Customer service rep emphasized that Cricket is a pre-pay system, and if that is the case, the system either needs to not allow services to be changed while an automatic payment is being processed, or at least needs to actually charge for things to avoid scamming customers into having to pay for reactivation!

I would really appreciate if they would credit the $10 or at least credit me a month of hotspot for the extra $10 that was extorted from me this morning!

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Re: Account Deactivation without notice!

Hello @nbokelman,

We apologize for the frustrations. This likely happened because you added the feature after your auto pay was drafted but before your bill cycle renewed. Since there was a credit balance on the account the charge for the feature was taken from the credit but left an insufficient credit to cover the full rate plan charge. We're working to find a solution to this issue.


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