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Billing pardon and grace period during covid

When I had set up the Autopay for cricket's service, it was three(3)days in advance, it claimed I had to do it only "2 days in advance", just a very day it was due, it text prompted me the auto pay was canceled, right away just less then an hour my data,text AND calling was dropped. On a Sunday which the auto teller on 611 claimed they were closed because it was Sunday, then I had to pay both $5 and the $4 instore fee on Monday. I was like WTF!?... No grace period of a reduced service plan to minimum or any extended after days charge to reactivate, without shutting g service down. In a COVID crisis, this was Outrageous!
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Re: Billing pardon and grace period during covid

I believe that they instituted a grace period for bill payment. You may want to contact Cricket about that. 

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