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Covid 19 and payments

Why is cricket not waving or postponing payments for the people effected by this virus? This is completely ridiculous! How are we supposed to pay bills when we are not able to work? All other mobile phone companies are doing this even at&t who cricket is with. Cricket does not do well for their customers and do not offer good help during this crisis all that is being offered is you will wave the activation if your phone gets shut off. We would like to be able to stay in contact with our families during this time and making sure they are ok. This is very poor customer service. You can't even call the number and get anyone I was on hold yesterday for 3 hours and no one ever picked up. Very disgusted with this company!!
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Re: Covid 19 and payments

check the blog at the top of the forum. It shows what cricket is doing for the virus. its comparable to what folks like metro and boost are doin too

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