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Cricket $3 autopay fee is the final straw

Ive been with cricket since 2011, 4 lines of service, n I'm done. You took hotspot, which I'll never get as i have a Cat( construction industry giant) phone, you charge fees for everything, getting a phone, paying your bill, u name it theres a fee. Now I'm enrolled in auto pay n yall hit me with a $3 fee... Are u freaking kidding me! You never have no perks for us loyal old school customers, nope we never get anything from you other than paying full cost for everything n every fee, so u know what, im out, I am switching, yall use to be great but now that has gone to sh*t. Sorry for language but i have every right to be pissed. I might not make a huge difference in the profit margin, but i guarantee that you'll be loosing more n more people w the more sh*t u pull. I use to tell everyone n recommend your company, ha, that's what i get, ill never recommend you again. Thanks for taking consumer loyalty n shoving it right back up our a$$e$.
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Re: Cricket $3 autopay fee is the final straw

I can't think of a single company that gives anything extra or deals to existing customers...not a single one. What you're describing is every company out there. They only give deals to new customers. I'm only on a single line and don't get charged extra for anything.

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