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Re: Cricket is a Fraud and scam

Don't buy a Cricket phone, get an OEM unlocked one.

I got a Cricket specific Galaxy S5 (back in the day) and it stopped receiving Android updates long before my wife's unlocked ATT S5 did (I got as far a Lollipop while she got Marshmallow. IIRC).

I bought a Samsung factory unlocked Note 8, and now I only have Samsung's horrible bloatware, not Crickets and Samsung's.

I was able to install MyCricket and Visual Voicemail from Google Play store, so I'm not missing anything, except the lack of future updates.

Now if Samsung would quit putting bloatware on my phone and blocking me from controlling many of the UI settings, I would be happy. It seems like you have to root a phone to actually own it, but some gaming apps won't allow installation on rooted phones.

Samsung makes beautiful hardware, but destroys the experience with their heavy handed software installations.

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Re: Cricket is a Fraud and scam

Sounds like an awful experience but have you tried doing some diagnostics to see if you live in a bad cell reception area? This blog tells you how to check your phone's signal strength. I've had Cricket for 2.5 years and I've never had any problems. There are many things that can screw up your call quality and data downloads so I recommend checking it out.

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Re: Cricket is a Fraud and scam

Not able to turn off stream more and videos limited to 480p less than dvd quality and 3mps is a shame.
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