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Cricket is a SCAM

I paid my bill, and signed up for autopay, and within half an hour my account was suspended, and I can't get an answer
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Re: Cricket is a SCAM

@5203049882 So they're a scam because there was a billing issue? There is more than likely a logical explanation for the issue. Their admins on here seem to be very helpful and usually direct people to their social media. On the other hand, what is more likely to get you scammed than having Cricket service is having your phone number as your username on a public forum.  

Re: Cricket is a SCAM

I would seriously think twice before going with these guys and if you do choose to go with these guys for whatever reason it is don't believe anything they promised you were saying. They will offer you promotions and discounts on your anniversary but don't believe it or buy it you'll get it for maybe a month or two if you're lucky they'll screw your account up you'll have to redo your account and at one of two scenarios happens one they tell you oh well that's not under this account we can't offer you the same deal or 2 they'll tell you I'm sorry that's a promotion deal that is expired. so first off they don't provide the service that you pay for and many others have problems with the internet many of us have problems with receiving text messages or phone calls dialing out texting out but they don't care and won't do anything about it so we pay for service that we don't get and then second they tell us and promise things that's going to happen or the supervisors tell you I'll get back to you that never happens. So I think twice before going with these guys once upon a time that used to be the best the cheapest and I used to care about their customers now their store employees are incompetent they can't handle things because the call center has helped you with that issue so the call center has to help you with that okay sure let me stick my phone through the phone so that they can help me not good not good customer service and not good value for your money because I would rather pay $15 more for a more expensive company and know that I'm going to get what I'm paying for instead of paying a cheap end and getting nothing and having no phone no access for 15 days 14 days whatever it is so you kind of weigh all that in. You decide what's the better value paying more and getting what you pay for or paying less and not getting what you pay for. You know the old saying goes you get what you pay for or not in this these guys just case.
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