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February 15th, evening, website and app and calling cricket all down for a service upgrade

So my bill was due yesterday by 11:59 pm central time I am on pacific time. I went to pay my bill last night around 8:30 pm pacific and the website was down for maintenance, the app sent a service error when trying to log in and calling cricket the "male" voice said welcome to cricket we are doing updates to the system and will be back at 10 am eastern time. So I was unable to pay my bill and today I have 15 dollar reconnect fee. I called cricket and was treated like a criminal and a liar as they said there was no updates to the system or anything last night and I have to pay...I hung up...went to my local cricket store and the man contacted his manager and again I was treated like a liar as he didn't know what I was talking about. At 10 pm last night I sent cricket a fb message about not being able to pay and I will not pay the reconnect fee due to the issues and they responded this morning with asking if I have been able to pay my bill yet, not at all denying anything I said....yet calling cricket and a local cricket manager treating me like a liar. I may just move to a different carrier I am an adult, professional, not a liar and I had the money to pay last night and this morning and have proof I tried via messaging on fb to Cricket. To say I feel irate is an understatement right now.

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