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Lack of Information from CSR lost me $25 and a line of service

I wasn't able to contact customer service this morning, before my boyfriend went ahead and paid the bill, about taking the 5th line off my plan because it isn't used and hasn't been for months and makes my bill $125 instead of $100 for lines. So either way the bill was paid but I just called 611 to still get the 5th line taken off and what resulted was the insane amount of information that should be a must was not given to me. I had told the representative the bill was paid this morning but I did want to cancel the 5th line obviously for the next cycle. Why would I cancel it if I just paid for it the same day? Got off the phone checked my Cricket app and the line was already gone. I called back explained to another rep who filled me in on the way it works I the first time I called was not told which would have made my loss off the phone line and $25 for it all today not even be a problem. Even though she explained there one of many stupid policies (I'm sry cricket has terrible customer service) and I informed her well I wasn't told how they do things resulting in this issue she said literally nothing they can do despite the lack of Information that I know call centers are responsible for when they forget to tell you important things. So I'm not sure what my question is except is there ANYONE working for Cricket that can help reimburse my $25 that in all actuality was there fault? I've never once had good results with dealing with there CSR and issues never are solved or I end losing out because there reps must not be trained to tell customers vital information to avoid issues such as this. I think it's time to switch to a new service if they can't help me with there mistake which lost me money.
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Re: Lack of Information from CSR lost me $25 and a line of service

We will be happy to help with this. Please send us a private message on Facebook ( or dm us on twitter (@cricketsupport). We also recommend changing your username on this forum from your phone number as this is able to be viewed publicly. 

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