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New line order mess - Help!

I tried to add a new line to my existing account for my son. Porting number from his Sprint iPhone. Got to Payment but could not use Amex card that my other 2 line use for auto pay. Bad address. No so. Finally used a Visa that was accepted. Sprint texted that a transfer was requested. However, adding new credit card trashed the Sprint account info so that when Cricket finalized the order the transfer was not completed. Spent almost 2 hours with customer support. They said that they would fix the problem. Today received text from Cricket that problem was resolved. Hah! The order was cancelled. So I reentered the order. Amex was accepted. Purchase completed. Then an email was received that said there was a problem with the number transfer. I think Sprint thinks the transfer was already made. Cricket charged me for the cancelled order and for the new order. Still no number transfer. What a bunch of crap.

First order number: 132931216

2nd order number: 132943496

ps: Went to Cricket store today. the said there is no way they can fix online order.

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Re: New line order mess - Help!

I agree online is a mess they told me that its a security measure your credit card billing info must match exactly what cricket has on file and its case sensitive too but thats bull do away with it if someone uses my credit card without my permission my bank will fix it we cant even use a relatives because it wont match ?

Re: New line order mess - Help!

Most would rather shop online like me to avoid $25 activation fees I have 5 lines and that would be ridiculously expensive it already cost $50 for 5 sim cards they should be .99 cents a piece this $10 crap needs to go on and actually it should be
provided for free its your service

So it would have been $125 in activation fees plus $50 for the sim cards $275 total not counting whatever taxes and fees they charge just to get started thats not counting adding the plans and maybe getting a phone or whatever thats stupid im glad I didnt pay that and I have BYOD devices