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Paying to only use for emergency calls only!!!

I can't believe I'm paying for the unlimited plan for emergency calls only!!! This is not acceptable at all. I'd like a refund to be able to go to another carrier. What is up with your service or I should say lack thereof and no answers of why. I will not go to social media sites to get answers to the questions you should have available when calling or visiting the store. I will not be continuing my service as soon as I get my SIM card from my new carrier. Cricket you should be ashamed.
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Re: Paying to only use for emergency calls only!!!

If you call customer care and provide them your address, they can check out what's going on in your area with the towers. Cricket works well in my area, but I know there are areas where it can be better when I'm driving to TN. You may find a carrier that works way better in your area, but keep in mind that it may not be great everywhere, all of them have issues in certain areas unfortunately. 

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