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Phone Upgrade Question

After being a Cricket customer for over 2 and a half years, I'm wondering what the incentive is to stay?  I would like to upgrade my phone, but every other company out there will give me MUCH better deals on a new phone.  Additionally, Cricket is going to charge me an extra $25 to upgrade?  Is that just a 'privilege of doing business with you' charge?  I guess there's no real reason to stay since I'm going to save over $200 (plus the additional $25) just to go to another company.  I understand that getting new customers is important, but you'd think there was some kind of benefit for being a loyal customer for so long.  Oh well, looks like I'm off to another company.  Maybe I'll be back in 2-3 years when you'll treat me like a 'valued new customer' again...

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Re: Phone Upgrade Question

Hey there! Welcome to the Cricket community forum and thank you for your post. We do value all of our customers, new and existing. You can take a look at all the devices and deals that we currently offer by following the link as we have offers for everyone.

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Re: Phone Upgrade Question

You didn’t answer the question. What is the benefit of being a customer. I have been a customer for several years. The link you provided is nothing special. The upgrade prices are outrageous.

Re: Phone Upgrade Question

Totally agree jh, there are no good deals for loyal existing customers. I want to upgrade my son's phone, but I have to pay 2x as much than new customers. No loyalty specials at all. So sad☹️

Re: Phone Upgrade Question

Carl, Have you looked into a new service. I will NOT pay a $25 to upgrade our phones. My husband's is on its last leg. This is the first time I've looked at getting a new phone. My kids have Straight Talk and have unlimited data (which we don't need) But, I guess we will have to buy 2 new phones and change our service. Boy, I feel dumb for recommending Cricket for the last couple of years!!

Any suggestions on a new service?

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