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Switch but won't port my number?

I want to switch to cricket and port my current cell phone number but for some reason it keeps saying it is a home line. It's not and is my current mobile phone number. I have the option to port through my provider but cricket won't recognize it as a cellphone number. I can't afford to switch without the deal offered for switching over from another company. I wanted to switch solely because of the deal offered and can only afford it because the phone is only 9.99 when switching. I can't afford the plan and full price for the phone. Any suggestions for a solution or am I just not able to use the deal and going to have to look at other providers and deals

Please help
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Re: Switch but won't port my number?

@BT2013 Unfortunately Cricket doesn't support number transfers from VOIP or landline carriers. You might be able to port to another wireless company and then to Cricket but there's no guarantee. 

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