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My Cricket compatibility with LG K8 and Motorola G7

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Community Manager
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Dear Cricket customers, 

If you have one of the two devices listed in the title, you may be experiencing issues with the My Cricket application crashing while in operation. We are working with the OEMs (Motorola & LG) to fix this issue. Below are options to use in lieu of the My Cricket app. 


After speaking with the manufacturer, we advise customers to use "My Account Online" to perform account tasks and not factory reset their device. Motorola is currently working on a fix but will not have it ready for 2-3 weeks. Our app dev team is researching if there is anything we can do in the meantime to help with this issue.


Our technical teams are still researching issues regarding this device, since we havent been able to validate excessive crashing of the app on the K8. If you have issues with the My Cricket app while on the K8, please access your account functions via "My Account Online."



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So Cricket has known about this problem since May 2019 it is now November 2019 and where is the fix??????? My cricket app STILL DOES NOT WORK on my Moto g7!!!!!!!!