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Pluto TV brings FREE TV to your phone. Use attached link to download to your phone today!

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Pluto TV delivers more than 200 live and original channels and thousands of on-demand movies. Pluto TV is free TV* offers live & original programming that everyone will love: premium news, TV shows, movies, sports, lifestyle and trending digital series. (*data rates may apply)

Cricket customers who purchase android phones benefit from having Pluto TV pre-installed.

Dont have Pluto TV? No need to worry. Use this link to direct download the app. 

Pluto TV offers a wealth of content that targets a lot of different audiences.

For example, in 30 min of browsing Pluto TV I discovered: 

- a MLS Major League Soccer channel ( Go ATL United!)

- a VH1 channel dedicated solely to reality TV shows 

- a Nick Jr channel focused on classic Nickelodeon cartoons and shows

- a standalone channel for everything dealing with AMC's The Walking Dead

The variety of channels and shows is mind blowing. 

Scan the QR code below to download the app. 

Check it out today.

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This is AWESOME!! I LOOOOOVE Free! Lol..I just signed up, thanks Cricket! Smiley WinkHeart

It downloaded to my phone on its own somehow... I checked but out and it's pretty cool.

Yeah, it down loaded on its own to my phone as well. Shouldn't it have asked for permission before doing this? Can Cricket download anything it wants to our phones after originally purchasing, other than updates or other necessary apps?

Do other carriers do this too? 

Don't want to sound ungrateful but having apps downloaded to my phone without my knowledge is a little concerning.

Color me paranoid......

I played around with this phone a few days before activating it to make sure I wanted to keep it, and it downloaded more than 10 apps and games somehow. I didn't have my wifi even set up yet, but it still downloaded things like Pandora and useless card games.

Why is this being allowed to just randomly install itself on to my phone? I will drop this service like a hot potato if I find out Cricket is allowing this. You may run this service but you do not own my phone.

I have recently downloaded and used the Pluto app and I was surprised by the breadth and depth of the shows. I love it. 

Also Cricket can push apps to your phone via updates. Its apart of the terms and conditions. Other phone companies can and have done the same thing. 


I really wouldn't consider this app an update?  And if they're gonna provide a link in case you want to down load it, why then force it on your phone?

I really don't care for apps being forced on my phone other than necessary updates and security patches and things of that nature, but I don't think this app falls into that category and should be strictly up to the phones owner. 

As always just my opinion.....




You're here because Cricket Installed an app without your permission huh? Heres what you need to do.

1 uninstall the app.

2 Go into your settings.

3 Go to apps.

4 Find Mobile Services

5 Disable and Force stop

You're welcome <3


Again, I hate to sound ungrateful, but why not provide customers a link (which they did), to download this app if they so desired instead of forcing it on our phones? That way we could avoid the five steps that Blue Vappy provided. Thank you Blue Vappy BTW.

Also, is there no limit in the amount of apps or programs that a carrier can force to our phones? Some would consider it bloatware. Heck, most important updates ask before installing so why can't other less important ones do the same?  When you purchase a phone you assume there will be a certain amount of bloatware but there shouldn't be any more unless you agree to it.

Always nice to be asked.......



This app downloaded itself. I uninstalled it and it installed again. I do not want this app. Stop forcing it on me. I did watch pluto tv on my roku tv. However, i do not appreciate it being forced on me. So now I have uninstalled it on my roku tv and they have lost a customer.