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Address verification problem - cannot order anything from Cricket

It would be great if Cricket could make address verification optional or skippable like most websites. I want to upgrade my phone but I can't order anything online from Cricket because my address isn't in the USPS or whatever other database they verify addresses with. I have a PO Box with one zip code and a street address with another, that's just the way it works in my location. I only get mail at the PO box, FedEx and UPS deliver to my street address with no problems. I live in a ZIP code served by PO boxes and so my street address for one reason or another is not in the database. My credit card address matches my street address. On most other sites you can just click something like "I acknowledge that you did not validate my address but proceed anyway". Customer service over the phone couldn't help me, they couldn't even update my profile account address to where I actually live simply cause it doesn't verify. It's a real place, been living here for several years! Please help and/or pass the message on to HQ or people who can make these changes. At least make address verification skippable if ordering over the phone via customer service or something. Or perhaps have a slower USPS shipping option. Otherwise I'm forced to fake my address or temporarily change my credit card address to my mom's just to be able to use Cricket services normally... Please help, thanks!

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Re: Address verification problem - cannot order anything from Cricket

Hello. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you can reach out to us through PM on our national Facebook page or DM on our national Twitter page, we can provide additional insight on this and update your address that is on file.

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Re: Address verification problem - cannot order anything from Cricket

Im having the same issue except my bank card has my p.o. box on file but i cant even get yall to verify it cuz u wont accept p.o boxes as valid addresses. If i try to use any other address it wont validate it as matching my card. So i would have to use the to verify. Ive been trying for 3 days to upgrade my husbands phone and cant seem to find a way around it. None of the locations in myarea have the phone i want in stock so it has to be ordered online. I only have one bank account w. One credit/debit card. I need a way around this issue please help
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