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Not Really 7 Day Return Policy

My daughter bought a phone based on a recommendation from the store. It doesn’t do what she expected. No problem 7 day return. Not really. She bought the phone at 1:53 on a Sunday and her grandfather passed away that day. She is a nurse and works 11 hours shifts and could get back to Cricket before she had to fly from FL to NH for the funeral. She flys back Saturday. Told her bring it with you we will return it in NH. Found out it has to be returned to the store you purchase it at. She gets home Saturday at 10pm. Called customer service and they said no exceptions if she can’t get there by close of business on Saturday they won’t accept it. Called the store they said they would but Cricket system won’t allow it. I should have until 1:53 on Sunday that would be 7 days. So is this false advertising especially considering the circumstances. I plan on filing a dispute and going to arbitration. Wondering if anybody has advise on doing this?
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Re: Not Really 7 Day Return Policy

Hey there! Welcome to the Cricket community forum and thank you for your post. Please know that our 7-day return/exchange policy starts on the date of purchase. We are more than happy to assist in this case. Please reach out to us via DM on our National Twitter page (@CricketSupport) or via PM on our National Facebook page ( We look forward to assisting you on this matter!

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