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Phone mistakenly reported stolen. How to remove?

I have 2 lines on my account. I had 1 phone stolen. I reported it. They screwed it up so many times I kept having to call. In the end they reported my not stolen phone stolen. They actually never reported the stolen phone stolen until I called again and then they put both on stolen. I tried telling them that this one wasn't stolen, they told me to wait 2 weeks while they tried to get it off the stolen list. I did, and when I contacted them again they said it couldn't be removed, my phone is now junk and cannot be used on any carrier. I was told there was nothing they can do but I can upgrade and get a new device. Yeah, thanks.

So cricket pretty much stole my phone.

I got to say, I like Cricket a lot. I recommended them to a few people who  now feel the same. But man, when you need customer service you're screwed. I haven't tried in person at a store though.

So yeah, any ideas how to get my phone back? I have pictures on there of me from years ago before Cricket stole my phone. I can show somebody that this had been my phone for 2 years, 1.8 years before my phone was mistakenly reported stolen by Cricket.

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Re: Phone mistakenly reported stolen. How to remove?

@terryboerum  Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! We'd be happy to assist you. Please PM/DM us on our National Facebook ( or Twitter page (@cricketsupport) and include your previous wireless numbers, phones IMEI & 4-digit account pin.

Remember to always mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will help other users find this information too!  Use the Kudos Button to offer a thumbs-up for good content.

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