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Why can't I use a hotspot on my phone?

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Re: hot spot

To use hotspot you need a compatible phone, compatible plan, and the hotspot feature on your account. Currently the two unlimited plans are the only plans you can add hotspot to but if you have a grandfathered smart, pro, or advanced plan it can be added to those too. Here's more info on hotspot:

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Re: hot spot

This is absolute crap. Cricket is just another money grubbing phone company. Why should I have to pay extra for hot spot when I own a phone which is capable. I am going to cancel my service and do my best to get others to do so to. I pay a great deal for this service already. If consumers continue to tolerate this crap they will keep doing it to you. Cricket is just another Verizon or Sprint in the making. Cancel
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Re: hot spot

Hotspot has never been a free feature. Just because your phone has the capability doesn't mean that you can activate it at will. Every single cell phone company charges for this feature whether it's a separate charge or included in their plans. Quit crying over spilled milk.
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