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Moving phone number to a phone I already own

So one of the phones on our plan is about at end of life, it's very difficult to charge and getting a bit slow.

We own another phone that is not in use that is newer (there's a longer story behind it) and we're considering moving the line to that phone so we can get rid of the current one.

Is this something that can be accomplished online thru the website, or would this require a visit to the store?  I'm guessing I just need a new SIM card for the "new" phone, but not sure if it's considered an upgrade or just a transfer.

Thank you.

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Re: Moving phone number to a phone I already own

Hi @BGazdecki419 If you are just replacing the device, and the new device is compatible and unlocked, you would just need to move the SIM card from the current device to the new device you are trying to use. You would only need to get a new SIM card if the SIM does not fit the new device. Smiley Happy

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