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Re: No Flash Notification For Hearing Impaired

See my previous reply:  I have read the manual several times over in the last 2 weeks.

If you do a search for "vibrate" on that manual, the results shows the word being used 4 times.

Vibrate for calls and touch only.


Other options pertains to sound only, not vibrate.

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Community Manager

Re: No Flash Notification For Hearing Impaired


After scrolling an Alcatel Onyx, I wasnt able to find or activate a flashing notification for apps. I dont think the phone has this capability. You may want to look into downloading a 3rd party application to have that feature on your phone. 

I was able to locate a vibrate function for applications within the phone but it is dependent upon the app. You can enable that setting two ways. If you go to the device settings, select "Applications",  and select an application, you may be able to select the vibrate function from the application menu. Alternatively, from the home screen, you can select an application and navigate to the settings. From inside of the application, you can toggle the vibrate function for notifications. 

I successfully navigated the vibrate settings within the calendar function on the Alcatel. 

I hope this helps you with your question. 

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