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ZTE z983 unlock code

I bought a cricket phone today at a yard sale. Went to Wal-Mart after calling straight talk and got a sims card cost me $54. Accessed my online account with straight talk activated the ZTE switched my number over inserted the Sims card and as soon as my old phone got turned off a message popped up on the ZTE saying enter unlock code. Even though you all have a legal obligation to give me the access code noone will help me. I think its wrong I paid $75 for the phone then $54 for the Sims card and I was told oh well. Your all custoner service ppl at stores and on the phone SUCK. A very dissatisfied person
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Re: ZTE z983 unlock code

I am surprised you got an agent that understands english, mine kept trying to teach me how to apply for something when I wasnt trying to apply for anything, I hung up, it was 2nd time I lost money through cricket. Play dumb and we hang up thats there strategy
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Re: ZTE z983 unlock code

Please direct message or private message us on Facebook or Twitter and we would be happy to help you resolve this. (@cricketsupport or Cricketnation)

Re: ZTE z983 unlock code

I also am currently having the same problem. Got a almost new zte overture 3 which was formally cricket. My straight talk phone screen trashed. I went thru the rig-a-ramu of checking compatibility and got green light. Spent $55 on plan plus Sim kit called my provider to change everything over only to get SIM NETWORK LOCKED. I AM livid, I have spent total of $175 to have paperweight! ONLY THING STOPPING MY PHONE IS CRICKETS FAILURE TO UNLOCK CODE. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP THIS WORKING CLASS MAN OUT. Any help much appreciated. Email: ***

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Re: ZTE z983 unlock code

zte phones suck anyway, waste of money

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