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Does anyone here play the game cricket caprain 2020?

Wanted to know whether cricket fans here play it or not. According to me its a must have for a cricket fan. I started watching cricket because of the cc series. I use to be a football fan and supported Chelsea and played a lot of FM. A Pakistani friend suggested me this game and fair to say I was hooked. Seasons were simulated in a couple of days and I liked it more than FM. FM just became a job more than a game. You just had so much to do outside of transfers and Tactics. It felt more like chore. I bought the first cc game in 2015,then bought 16 and 17 following years.

180 EUR to USD  Now after a 3 year break I bought cc20 on my Mobile. I am pleased to tell that a fair bit has changed. DLS is introduced,extra overs in test matches, AI chasing in ODI is the best it has been. Scores are Realistic in limited overs. The t20 engine is way better now. 170 is easily chased on a flat pitch. I play the game on medium highlights and gotta say graphics are better than those 2d graphics of FM( I am solely talking about mobile version here). There is plenty of room for improvement still but still its a must have for a die hard cricket fan. Any stories about cc series and tell what you like about the game. I am currently managing Otago and have won 1 out of 2 fc matches and 2 out of 4 OD games

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Re: Does anyone here play the game cricket caprain 2020?

I have tried it once or twice but it really got hard for me to control all things at once. after reading your details i am now thinking of trying it again.. 

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