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Is Unlimited Extra throttled after 22gb

What happens after I reach 22gb on Unlimited Extra? I hear some say it gets throttled - throttled by how much, I do not know. And I also hear some say it doesn’t get throttled after 22gb - but I am at 21.5gb with 3 days left and my Cricket app is telling me otherwise.
I know the Unlimited plan gets throttled after 22gb, but I don’t know what happens with Unlimited Extra and the internet all over says different things about it. Guys what happens?
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Re: Is Unlimited Extra throttled after 22gb

Hey there @BomberBob! Welcome to the Cricket community forum and thank you for your post. Customers on the Unlimited Extra plan who use more than 22GB of data during their monthly bill cycle may have their data speeds temporarily slowed during periods of network congestion. Once the congestion ends, or they move to an uncongested cell site, regular speeds will resume.  Data resets at the start of each bill cycle.

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