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Trouble activating phone-invalid sim card message

I purchased a Cricket compatible and supposedly unlocked Samsung Galaxy s7 from a well-reviewed user on Ebay. I purchased a Cricket universal sim card from Best Buy and went through the activation process here. I wanted to keep my previous phone number, and the new phone shows up under my number on the My Account page. I got a notification saying changes had been made to my account on my old phone as well.

The problem is that I keep getting an invalid sim card notification on the new device. I've tried a factory reset and I can't insert my old phone's sim card into the new one as they are different sizes (micro in old, nano in new) to see if the phone is indeed unlocked. How can I get this thing activated and working?

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Re: Trouble activating phone-invalid sim card message

Hello @LittleLady,

It sounds like the phone is locked to another carrier. We recommend reaching out to the seller or Ebay for assistance. 


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