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Hot Spot and Android Phone Eligibility

I've been a happy cricket customer for a few years now.  Job changes made mobile hotspot increasingly attractive/important. 

Using this list of eligible phones (, I went out and purchased a Galaxy S10.  I then upgraded my phone plan to include hot spot.  But it wouldn't work.  After a few hours of frustrating conversations with customer support, I was informed that BYOD (bring your own device) Android phones are not eligible for hotspot.  The list says they are.  I was told the only solution was to switch to an Apple phone or buy an S10 straight from Cricket.  

I can find no place on Cricket's website that provides this critical piece of information.  If this is in fact the case (please verify, I'm not confident in the customer service rep's answer), Cricket, can you please make this apparent - I and others relied on that information to make large purchasing decisions.  

Cricket, I would love to stay with you, hotspot is a big deal for me right now.  What is the real story here?

Others, beware that if you have a BYOD Android you may not be able to make hotspot work.  Please make decisions accordingly.  

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Re: Hot Spot and Android Phone Eligibility

Hello @djbliss2000

We apologize for the confusion and than you for bringing this to our attention. At this time most BYOD Android phones are not eligible for hotspot.

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