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Hotspot or suspend

I tried to get hotspot added to my phone.  But because it is not on your list hotspot is not added and my phone is not compatible to your system.  Now because I was using hotspot with not being add3ed to my account you suspend and will do so, so now you will get the remainder money for free at my expense.  What is wrong here.  I get in p\trouble for using a service tthat is not suppose to work ob your system, but it does.  To usersl....find a service that includes hotspot in the price and don't matter of the phone.  Thanks for sealing my money.

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Re: Hotspot or suspend

Hello @ss9859,

We apologize for any frustrations. Using hotspot without having the added feature on your account is a violation of our terms of service. You can view more information on hostpot here:

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