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Locked 'phone

Thought my 'phone was stolen. Reported it but found it at home an hour later.  Called the store and insurance company right away to let them know I had it but a day later it was turned off.  I am elderly so went to my son, who calls me every day, and he called Cricket . They said it was blacklisted and it would be 72 hours before they could activate it.   He has called twice since with no luck, just promises.

It has been 11 days with no 'phone.  I always relied on texts as reminders  and have missed two appointments and medicine pick-ups .  Plus I am scared being alone, especially having gone through a tornado warning.

Please turn my phone back on.

Let me know

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Re: Locked 'phone



We would love to help with this.  Please feel free to PM/DM us on our National Facebook ( ) or Twitter page (@cricketsupport) if you still need help.

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