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Video Calling?

Hello again,

I was looking through my phones hidden/secret menus and saw that wifi calling was provisioned via a toggle switch and VoLTE was also provisioned this same way, but I noticed that video calling was greyed out and that even though there was a toggle switch for it like the other two features, there was no way I could turn it or toggle it on.

Is this a feature that Cricket offers?

If so, could you please provision it and toggle it on?

I'm using a Moto G7 Supra purchased from Cricket.

My wife's phone is a Moto G6 Play and she has a video calling icon that apparently lets her choose to make video call  if she wants.  She doesn't have Cricket service but the phone was originally a Cricket phone as the box that it came in was branded as Cricket even though it was an unlocked phone at the time she purchased it.

I was hoping that I could get that option to make video calls as well.




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Re: Video Calling?

Hello @johnrandolph,

Video calling only requires an active data connection. If you're having issues with your device please contact support or visit a local store. 


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