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Voice Call Records

Hi! All.

I am trying to retrieve my call record for a specific date.The representative suggests me to contact an attorney to get it.Is not the customers right/privilege to have it on request/demand.AT&T used to have it on theweb.

What does Federal Regulation say ?

How do I access it?

Thanks for your input.


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Re: Voice Call Records


Thank you for your comment.  We do apologize but we do not provide call records unless we receive a subpoena from you, your lawyer or a member of law enforcement.  Below is who they contact for these record requests.


Fax# 1(888) 938-4715


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Re: Voice Call Records

Hello, if you want to retrieve your call records, you can just go to the autosave or the backup, while if you cannot find then here, you can access your records by applying the third-party tool, like the Bitwar iPhone data recovery tool to retrieve your records directly. Hope you can get back your call records soon.

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