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Being lied to

My name is Mark Crofut I went into one of your stores Wednesday July 11 to fix my mom and dad's cell it got shut off by accident. Asked about the phone in question and was told that someone had already taken the number and that I would have to get a new line. I paid $69.16 for start up and first month.Shiloh D. was helping me. Now the issue I really have a problem with is my wife went to the store in Bolivar, Mo and got the same line that was not taken by someone else and only cost her $10. I do not know what training is going on at the store I went to, but this is bad business and will be reported to the local news station if measures are not taken to refund the money I was cheated out of.
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Re: Being lied to

Hey @MarkCrofut,

This sounds like they're going to need to access your account to help you man. You should reach out to them thru their national Facebook Messenger or national Twitter DM. That's the best way to get your issue addressed & resolved quickly!

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