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Cricket Employee Stole my US Cellular Cell Phone - Was Told by Cricket to post here for resolution!

Went into a Cricket store on Tuesday to check into plans & phones with a friend. Cricket employee stole my iphone 8+! Went there to get it back the next day and he said he sold it. BUT I have been locked out of my Apple ID, my gmail accout, my social media accounts, and MY bank account as he changed the passwords to everything. My iphone was with US Cellular and was locked to US Cellular - it still had 20 months to go on its contract!

This same guy also took cash payments from other customers while we were there browsing and was sticking the cash in his pocket! My friend has a phone with Cricket, wanted to get a new phone, he refused to sell her the phone she wanted, pushed and pushed and pushed her into getting a crappy, cheap LG phone, which is not what she wanted. Told her the phone bill would remain the same, yet it was increased by $20!

This location is EVIL - we've returned to that location 2 more times, hoping for resolutions BUT none. Called & can't get a human voice on the phone. Used the chat box & was told to post here & Cricket would contact me with a resolution??!!!???!!!

Police have been contacted. Incident has been reported. If Cricket doesn't contact me with a decent resolution for the theft of my phone & everything else I've lost, my attorney will be filing suit. Already spoke to him this morning about what we will do if Cricket does not resolve this situation.

Waiting for my resolution as the chat box promised...

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Community Manager

Re: Cricket Employee Stole my US Cellular Cell Phone - Was Told by Cricket to post here for resoluti


Thank you for contacting us through the Cricket forum. I have sent you a direct message regarding your inquiry. We take issues dealing with bad behavior from associates seriously, and want to help you find a solution. Please reach out to us using the information in the direct message or direct message us via our Facebook (Cricket Wireless) and/or Twitter (@CricketSupport) channels. 

Thank you and I hope we can find some answers for you soon. 

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